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Snow Flakes

Post by bristleposh » 10 Dec 2018, 18:11

Loved this posted by an American friend..... 😃

It Snowed Last Night..

8:00 am: I made a snowman.

8:10 - A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn't make a snow woman.

8:15 - So, I made a snow woman.

8:17 - My feminist neighbor complained about the snow woman's voluptuous chest saying it objectified snow women everywhere.

8:20 - The gay couple living nearby threw a hissy fit and moaned it could have been two snow men instead.

8:22 - The transgender man..women...person asked why I didn't just make one snow person with detachable parts.

8:25 - The vegans at the end of the lane complained about the carrot nose, as veggies are food and not to decorate snow figures with.

8:28 - I was being called a racist because the snow couple is white.

8:31 - The middle eastern gent across the road demanded the snow woman be covered up .

8:40 - The Police arrived saying someone had been offended.

8:42 - The feminist neighbor complained again that the broomstick of the snow woman needed to be removed because it depicted women in a domestic role.

8:43 - The council equality officer arrived and threatened me with eviction.

8:45 - TV news crew from ABC showed up. I was asked if I know the difference between snowmen and snow-women? I replied "Snowballs" and am now called a sexist.

9:00 - I was on the News as a suspected terrorist, racist, homophobe sensibility offender, bent on stirring up trouble during difficult weather.

9:10 - I was asked if I have any accomplices. My children were taken by social services.

9:29 - Far left protesters offended by everything marched down the street demanding for me to be arrested.

There is no moral to this story. It is what we have become, all because of snowflakes.
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Re: Snow Flakes

Post by Poshay » 10 Dec 2018, 20:03

Only too true. :roll:
PS: thanks for reminding me, need to get 6 packs of Snowlakes tomorrow, our 19 year old needs yet more pampering.
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Re: Snow Flakes

Post by poshnipper » 11 Dec 2018, 09:58

Would be funnier if it wasn’t sooo true.
We go again...
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Re: Snow Flakes

Post by Hagans » 17 Dec 2018, 12:49

SJW's are going to be the end of us all, I swear. I laughed so hard at 'jokes' like this a couple of years ago. Not laughing anymore.

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