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Spot on Tweet..

Post by bristleposh » 29 May 2020, 16:47

Here’s an idea: Why don’t we swap those who want to turn the UK into a communist state with those Hong Kongers desperate to escape the authoritarian clutches of one? They can experience first hand what it’s like to live without freedom and liberty.
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Re: Spot on Tweet..

Post by trevormans » 29 May 2020, 17:02

I would always recommend the left of centre social democratic model as followed broadly in Norway and sweden for most of the last 80 years

In general terms a higher majority of people are happier in such regimes than in almost any other

Having visited left wing USSR and right wing Greece Usa and spain as well as chaotic west Africa in the early seventies then I would always recommend full Social Democracy

People tend to forget that such countries have been broadly left of centre

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