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Post by Gaz_Miller » 07 May 2020, 10:15

A polite question:

Can a mod (or mods) confirm that they intend to run this message board in the same manner that the mods do on dot net? Unfortunately, they've turned that into a forum just for their own benefit.

It will save me a lot of time having to log on here if we are only allowed to post what you want us to post.

Thank you.
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Re: This message board

Post by trevormans » 07 May 2020, 11:10

A totally fair question

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Re: This message board

Post by ashman » 07 May 2020, 11:52

A poite answer. As long as posts are in no way personal or political in the extreme you are welcome to post. It is, after all, a family forum and not a 'free for all.'
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