Positives of Lockdown?

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Positives of Lockdown?

Post by White G » 05 May 2020, 15:10

I know there's a lot of bad news right now & tragic losses of life, but is anyone else enjoying some of the things our new lives have brought us?

Despite the stress of working & having kids at home, I've enjoyed at least some of the time we spend together, particular with my youngest and my other half. Simple joys like chilling in the garden & going for a walk have been very pleasurable, although that's definitely at least partly down to the great weather since lockdown began.

I'm enjoying that superficial problems like appearances, clothes & luxuries have been stripped back and life is no longer a competition about keeping up with the Jones'.

It's reinforced to me that life is really good, with people & our environment the most important thing. Sorry to sound like a hippy here but does anyone else feel the same?

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Re: Positives of Lockdown?

Post by trevormans » 05 May 2020, 17:00

Being retired, financially comfortable with a good sized garden and living in the countryside have all made our lockdown very pleasant,
The weather has been a major bonus
I'm surprised I miss sport as much as I do especially on Saturday afternoons
It's frustrating not being able to look forward to holidays and certainly missing family and grandchildren .
I feel we personally are in lockdown lite .I am genuinely concerned about how others without either economic or physical security are managing, and the way that care homes appear to have been forgotten about until recently is upsetting.

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Re: Positives of Lockdown?

Post by bristleposh » 05 May 2020, 17:37

I’m also retired, I miss the children and grandchildren, when talking on the phone it’s usually the wife doing all the chat. Missing the football, rugby and darts. Walking is nice although the bones don’t seem to like it too much, just over three quarters of an hour today, more or less flat. I hate hills. With my snide box, it’s been nice catching up on tv series like After Life, not been a great fan of some of Gervais’s stuff, but this black comedy has given me lots of laugh out loud moments. Getting round the shops with no kids running about screaming is a huge bonus, having my paper delivered, and my tablets although I got the lot in one go so I’ve only had one delivery.
I should be in Corfu at the moment, the flight should have been on Monday, to certainly the best looking and sounding resort I have ever booked. My other holiday this year is in doubt too, and having a passport that’s only about two years old I fear I may not get any more use from it.
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