World's greatest men who EVER lived.

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Re: World's greatest men who EVER lived.

Post by White G » 20 Mar 2020, 01:07

tonyp wrote:
19 Mar 2020, 20:31
Here's my list of people who spend more time criticising other people's lists than making lists of their own
White G
Look at Gary Neville, a successful man in sport & business. I've nothing but respect for the way he's conducted himself & how he's helping society despite being someone who has nothing to worry about. Richard Branson on the other hand has shown a disgusting attitude and is 100% focused on himself rather than those who have made him who he is.

This is nothing to do with envy, it's to do with selfishness & lack of understanding & respect for fellow citizens who have helped him along the way. I salute the Gary Neville's of this world but condemn greedy parasite who take, take, take without any regard for fellow man!

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