New Stadium - 2023!

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Re: New Stadium - 2023!

Post by ashman » 14 Sep 2020, 07:46

bristleposh wrote:
14 Sep 2020, 07:40
I just had a look at the Forest Green website, some of the stuff they are doing, plus the references to Brighton's ground I think 2023 is a tad ambition. If their information is correct, about a year for planning permission and then organising the builders etc. Especially now with Covid interfering with the timetable. I was looking there to see how much there new ground was going to cost, a lot smaller than ours, but it would have been an option rather than shooting across the otherside of Europe to get inspiration.
Covid has changed the timing of the new home but I think that the plans and builders had already been nearly sorted and PCC had already given the green light to go ahead. It could be done in this timescale, as long as they get started on it soon!
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