Cause or Effect?

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Cause or Effect?

Post by JohnC » 10 Jan 2020, 23:43

Alan Swann’s article in the PET ‘Peterborough United Can Win Promotion This Season if Fergie Can Fix Certain Problems’ touches on issues I’ve highlighted elsewhere in ‘First Quarter Report’ and ‘Half-term Report’. The most worrying was, and is, the dearth of goal-scorers throughout the team. From having only four goal-scorers in the first eleven games (as opposed to ten at the same stage last season), at the half-way stage, we had twelve outfield players with significant playing time combining for a net total of three goals.

In the last six League One games, Toney has three goals, Eisa has one and Maddison has none no one else has scored at the right end, of course.

To be successful, a return of four goals in six games would require a better defence than ours. (Swann neglected to point out that only the bottom six teams have conceded more goals than PUFC.)

The question is: to what extent is the current dearth of goals attributable to the form of the goal-scoring trio or the almost laughable inability of their team-mates to find the net at the right end?

Put simply: how difficult is it to defend against Posh if –- with Eisa subbed off or not starting -- you can double up on Toney and Maddison and challenge the others to beat you? What this can look like in specific situations was evident in the recent defeat to Doncaster. Trailing by two goals (soon to become three) in the 63rd. minute, the manager replaced Eisa and Ward, who have scored this season, with Boyd and Jones, who haven’t. There may be times when this personnel change might be appropriate, but not, perhaps, when chasing three goals in half-an-hour. With only the goal-power of Kent and Reed to back them up, Toney and Maddison unsurprisingly had no joy. Now every unsuccessful long-shot by Maddison is one fewer pass that might be directed to Toney and Eisa.

Maybe the introduction of Taylor and Brown will change everything, but that in itself looks like a businessman’s response – spend money, add personnel – rather than a coach’s one.

Meanwhile, we have a slim margin for error, and its name is Ivan Toney. It would be wholly unsurprising if he were to falter under a combination of injury, suspension, loss of form and general attritional fatigue: Eisa and Maddison don’t exactly have his back when the going gets tough.

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Re: Cause or Effect?

Post by bristleposh » 10 Jan 2020, 23:54

One of those prolific goalscorers last season was O'Hara but nobody seems to want him back, I personally would
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Re: Cause or Effect?

Post by Brianposh » 11 Jan 2020, 00:52

bristleposh wrote:
10 Jan 2020, 23:54
One of those prolific goalscorers last season was O'Hara but nobody seems to want him back, I personally would
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